Hello! My name is Elyse. I’m a graphic designer by trade, and a former product designer for Target. When I struggled to find a unique and personal baby shower gift for a close design friend, I thought - what if I made a baby version of the color swatches she uses every day at her job? So I began making my (now signature) Primtone toys, and in 2014, left my corporate job to launch Prim Society.

Since then, I've been building my brand at local and national handmade markets, and selling wholesale to brick and mortar boutiques. I love being continually inspired, and being able to channel my life-long love of sewing and design to bring joy into other people's lives, kids and grown ups alike!

Prim Society is a shop of truly unique, design-inspired goods for kids and baby. Modern, playful, and curious. Each item is carefully crafted and comes beautifully packaged, making the perfect gift that will be saved and treasured long after little ones are grown!

But more than just products, Prim Society aims to brings creative tools and vocabulary to everyday play, sparking the curiosity and imaginations of little ones and delighting design-minded parents. So whether you are a designer yourself or just someone with an aesthetic eye, let's all grow and be inspired together... Welcome to The Prim Society!

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